What to Expect

We know that coming to a new church for the first time can make anyone nervous.

At Far West End SDA Church, we want you to feel welcomed and wanted every time you worship with us because, frankly, that's how Jesus wants you to feel. So come visit and see what a powerful and significant time of praise, teaching, and fellowship we have here at Far West End SDA Church!

When you arrive at Far West End SDA Church Church for our 9:30 Sabbath School or 10:45pm service, there will be someone to greet and welcome you (we call them our “greeters”). They will hand you a program guide with useful information concerning the worship service including church announcements, small group information and much more.

You will notice that everybody is dressed in a variety of styles. Some people wear very comfortable casual clothes. You will also find some people dressed in a suit and tie. The bottom line is that you are welcome to dress however you feel comfortable!

The service usually begins with song service. We call this our time of worship when those in audience are invited to sing. If you do not know the songs, you can simply sit and enjoy the music. Don’t worry; nobody will put a microphone in your face!

After some time of singing, the platform participants will come through the side door, kneel and will have opening prayer. After prayer everyone will stand for the opening hymn. Next, someone will read a scripture reading relevant to the speakers sermon.

Following the Scripture reading tithes and offering which will be announced by the elder for what the offering will be for this week. After offering we encourage the children to collect an offering for special projects and share a story for the kids. Next will be intercessory prayer and special music. Following that the speaker will be introduced and present his or her sermon. After the sermon we will have a closing hymn and prayer.

We have our wokship service at 15600 Pouncey Tract Rd, Rockville, VA 23146.

There is abundant parking in front of the building. If the parking lot is full you can still park west side of the building.

Feel free to hang out and meet some of the folks from our church.

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